(RE)PRESENTED - Jack Baldwin / by Kieran Knowles

Jack Baldwin Represented

The third of our interviews with actors who left drama school without representation but have gone on to achieve incredible things is with the brilliant @JonnyJonJack

Name: Jack Baldwin

Trained: LAMDA

What is your current/ most recent credit?

I’m currently appearing in The Play that Goes Wrong in London

How did you find leaving Drama School?

I found the whole of the third year a bit strange - you're a big fish in a small pool but you're very aware that you're going into an ocean. I thought that as long as I could get some work somewhere it might all be ok.

How did you get your first professional job?

Spotlight audition for a show at the Finborough.

What’s been your favourite job so far?

The current job is fairly fantastic. I've always loved whatever I've done when I've done it. Even stuff I knew, deep down, was terrible.

What is the advice you would offer to young people leaving drama school over the next few weeks or the advice you’d give yourself looking back?

Jack Baldwin The Play That Goes Wrong Represented

Don't take too much advice to heart as every career is different; don't try to emulate anyone else's career. Which is not to say don't listen to advice. Try to have fun when you do work. Be open, don't be a diva, work hard enough that it looks easy & don't be one of the fucks.

What do you think of (RE)PRESENTED as a project (is it something you’d have gone for)?

I think it sounds excellent, It's the sort of thing my year were crying out for, only we didn't realise it. This job can grind you down and you don't realise how lonely you can feel. There's nothing wrong with that but remember that everyone, regardless of what stage their career is at, feels pretty much the same. So, meet up for a drink every now and then to keep sane.

There's no such thing as rejection. In an audition, everyone on the panel wants you to be the answer. If you don't get the job, it's because of so many reasons out of your control that there's no reason for you to worry about it. Keep doing what you do.


Jack is now represented by International Artist Management.

You can catch Jack in Mischief Theatre's The Play That Goes Wrong on London's West End. For more information click here

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