(RE)PRESENTED - Sophie Steer by Kieran Knowles

The seventh of our chats with actors who left drama school without representation but have gone on to achieve incredible things is with the brilliant @sophiesteer1

Name: Sophie Steer

Trained: LAMDA

What is your current/ most recent credit? 

On the train to Edinburgh right now. Going to be in Antlers new show LANDS directed by the brilliant Jasmine Woodcock Stewart. My character is on a trampoline/trampette for an hour so I feel fit, exhausted and slightly sick. Before that I was on a National tour of Breach's show TANK. It deconstructed a true story about a Nasa funded project to teach dolphins to speak English. I only perform in plays with a short one word titles.

How did you find leaving Drama School?

I remember telling my dad, everyone's complaining about juggling too many balls, I haven't even got a ball. I became a live in nanny for a wealthy family off Fulham Road. It was a weird time.

How did you get your first professional job?

My favourite class at drama school was clown with Mark Bell. A group of us made a short melodrama in that class which we later entered into the Old Vic New Voices Theatre 503 award. We won, and then made and performed a play for a month and I stopped being a nanny.

What’s been your favourite job so far?

STILL ILL with Kandinsky at New Diorama was a gift at the end of a difficult 2016. SPARKS by Simon Longman is also a very important show to me. I feel so fricking lucky to have met amazing artists that have pushed me to be braver than I thought I was.

What is the advice you would offer to young people leaving drama school over the next few weeks or the advice you’d give yourself looking back?  

Drama school is tough on the sensitive. It's okay to be sensitive. It's okay to be vulnerable. You just have to take a deep breath and learn how to harness it. This takes time so don't be hard on yourself. I guess the actors biggest task is to not get in the way of themselves! Once you've learnt your own individual way of doing this you'll be fine. Don't take yourself too serious, find your people, come at a job through joy, look after your body and run your own race. Good luck!!!!

What do you think of (RE)PRESENTED as a project (is it something you’d have gone for)?

Wonderful idea by wonderful people. If you're without an agent definitely take this opportunity. I absolutely would have done.

Sophie is now represented by Hatch Talent

LANDS is at the Summerhall 12:00pm (Venue 26) throughout the festival.

To apply for (RE)PRESENTED please click here and fill in the online registration form. Applications are open until 1st November 2017.