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(RE)PRESENTED - Charlotte Josephine by Kieran Knowles

The fourth of our interviews with actors and in this case, (award winning very big time writers) who left drama school without representation but have gone on to achieve incredible things is with the brilliant @Charlotte_j_b

Name: Charlotte Josephine

Trained: Contemporary Theatre course at East 15 Acting School

What is your current/most recent credit? 

Snuff Box Theatre’s Blush, which was directed by Ed Stambollouian and written by myself.

Charlotte Josephine in  Bitch Boxer

Charlotte Josephine in Bitch Boxer

How did you find leaving Drama School? 

Tough, yeah. The CT course is brilliant because it teaches you to be really productive and make work, rather than just waiting for the phone to ring. The DEBUT project in our final year gave birth to Snuff Box Theatre and our first pieces of work, that we took to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2011. The shock came for me post fringe when, because I didn’t have an agent and Snuff Box did have any money, I was suddenly working in a café and wondering what the fuck to do next. The world isn’t waiting for me, I need to make some work in order to get some work.

How did you get you first professional job? 

I applied for the Old Vic New Voices Edinburgh Season 2012 on Ideastap (R.I.P Ideastap!) with Bitch Boxer and won it. The success of Snuff Box Theatre’s Bitch Boxer attracted the very same agents that had ignored my letters the year before (fair enough, they must get thousands of invites a day) and very quickly after signing with my first agent I got an audition for Phyllida Lloyd’s Julius Caesar at the Donmar Warehouse. That was my first proper paid, equity minimum, eight shows a week, acting job.

What’s been your favourite job so far? 

I’ve genuinely really enjoyed all of them. That might be because I’m quite picky at what I say yes to. I love making and performing my own work so I think that’ll always be my driving focus, but it’s sometimes a real joy to ‘just be an actor’ in someone else’s play, and focus on giving the best performance I can. Seems to me that acting jobs can offer you three things; good money, a wonderful personal experience, an opportunity to further your career. The best jobs I reckon are when you’re ticking at least two out of the three.

What is the advice you would offer to young people leaving drama school over the next few weeks or the advice you’d give yourself looking back? 

Charlotte Josephine in  Blush

Charlotte Josephine in Blush

I’d pass on what Ed Collier at China Plate said to us, which is to ‘play the long game’. Sometimes it’s a choice between integrity and a quick fix. There’s no shame in taking a job just for the money if you’re skint, but there is always a choice, especially when it doesn’t feel like it. I’d remind drama school graduates to use the resources they already have, which is a network of brilliant talent surrounding them, support each other, make work together. Actress and wonder women Jenny Jules taught me to ‘eat well and sleep well’, which feels like a simple reminder that I’m a human being before I’m anything else.

What do you think of Represented as a project (is it something you’d have gone for)? 

It’s a great idea, yeah. Any opportunities that allow people to make work they genuinely care about should always be jumped at.

Charlotte is now represented by Hatton Mcewan Penford.

To apply for (RE)PRESENTED please click here and fill in the online registration form. Applications are open until 1st November 2017.